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Balfour Place.​​

Therapists & Community Resources 

We are Therapists & also have an in house
Community Resource Team...


We Support kids, individuals & Families
Through the lens of Intersectionality theory.
612 964-9607


KIDS from 2-21 

No matter how big the problem or how small the child or vice versa. The Balfour Place is here to support you!



​Our kids are

our greatest

love and our

greatest challenge. 

With children we experience the whole range of feelings from terrified to elated. Let Balfour Place support you in whatever your needs are. 


Nomatter what the struggle; discipline, depression, dealing with grief, divorce or transitions, mental illness, learning disabilities, adoption support and attachment therapy, multiculturalism, phobias, school issues, defiance, dealing with racism and intersection issues, running away, chemical abuse, teen or toddler development... we can help.

If it sometimes feels like you don't know who is in charge at home, The Balfour Place can restore your family life to harmony ASAP!


Immediate Grattification SERVICES....

When you are at the end of your rope leave a message on our confidential voice mail someone will be with you within 2 hours between the 7AM- 9PM.

After hours, someone will be with you first thing in the morning!

(In an emergency we are required to tell you to call 911).

At The Balfour Place we support all kinds of families. We are sensitive about difference, culture, gender, and ethnicity.  We understand that though people are more alike than they are different, we live in a world where people are dealing with different experiences, legacies, traumas and staminas. This because of race, gender, ability and all our overlapping intersections.   

We believe that people have everything they need inside of themselves to grow and be healthy.  And that all people are deserving of access to fundamental human rights as a baseline. We want to help support you to be on your path from the basics, to living and loving your best life.


Individuals  &   Families 

The Balfour Place, has an energetic, fast moving, holistic approach. We can help you with:

-   depression and anxiety

​-   loss and grief management

​-  challenges related to diversity, race and racism, intersection issues and marginalization. 

​-   phobias

​-   trauma recovery

​-   addiction recovery support

​-   planning and organization

​-   financial coaching

​-   mental illness issues

-   post partam support

-   infertility support

-   disordered eating.

-   support with healthy lifestyle

-   political unrest

-  exploring cellular memory, familial and legacy patterns

- exploring de-colonization practices

-navigating the world within toxic systems; capitalism, colonialism, misogyny, patriarchy, hetero-normativity and other ways systems caste us and creates barriers.  



 Intersectionality theory is a qualitative and analytical framework that acknowledges how our combined identities create different modes of discrimination and privilege. And identifies the power in each of these systems, taking these relationships into account when working to promote social and political equity. Examples of intersectionality that have interplay may include: sex, race, gender, caste, class, religion, sexuality, differing ability, physical appearance etc. Intersectionality is societally based in that it acknowledges these multiple factors of advantage and disadvantage. These overlapping social identities can be empowering and/or oppressing and contribute to that persons experience. At Balfour Place, we do not believe anyone’s experience can be examined without taking into account an individuals intersectional identity, the societal caste system, and the power dynamics that person lives with. An intersectional analysis will consider all the factors that apply to that person in combination. We see people. Balfour Place is is a business that is both Black owned and by and for people who define themselves as intersectional.  The people you will meet here also cross those cultures and experiences,


or email us here​

Strategies for couples:

1) Immediate gratification and fast relief.  For couples who feel they are in need of immediate help. 

2) Continued support for couples with ongoing services.  So things keep moving and feeling better. Your questions and concerns and our expertise.

At The Balfour Place we are experts at bringing relief and comfort ASAP. So couples can move forward.

Community Resource Team Members

We have an innovative anti-establishmen, and de-colinazating approach to service, which includes a team of resource people. These are people there to support, serve and problem solve with you regarding your specific needs.

Please Contact us for more information about CRT.

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Balfour Place has a financial aid program, let us know your situation, so we can make it work for you.

-Our sliding fee scale is from $110-$260 for therapy.

-We offer lower prices for meetings with our Community Resource Team. Ask for more info.

-Some individuals qualify for reparation and waiver fees. Inquire for more info.


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